Give Me An I!

There was a Toby Keith song several years ago, I Wanna Talk About Me. It tells the story of a relationship where the girl just talks about herself all the time. While I don’t want to talk about myself but I know we all encounter people who always steer the conversation back to themselves, take credit where it’s not due, or take full credit where others had contributions. There may be other scenarios as well that could apply here.

Something I seem to encounter frequently is that people want to talk about themselves and let me know and everyone else the things they are good at. While that is not necessarily a flaw I wonder if this is done in order to make themselves look better? Is it an insecurity? Is it arrogance?

I’ve always felt if you’re doing a great job people are going to know it. The biggest question is; are you doing it for recognition? If so and if you’re an educator you might be in the wrong profession! There is certainly a difference between self promotion and I statements as opposed to someone using their leadership ability and knowledge to help others.

Why though?

I honestly think that there are educators whose hearts are in the right place but for whatever reason feel the need for recognition as well. In some ways we all seek recognition. Perhaps that particular type of person has insecurities? Or maybe that person just likes recognition and attention, maybe it’s a large ego? I don’t know the answer to all these questions and I am in no way trying to judge.

Cream rises to the top!

I am of the thought process that there is always plenty of credit to spread around. I feel it’s my place as a leader to give credit to those around me that are part of a team with me. It is my place as a leader to take the blame when things don’t go well but make sure any mistakes are corrected whether they are mine or someone else’s. I truly believe leadership and character reveals itself within time. In other words, the cream will rise to the top!

Servant Leadership

I statements and self promotion seem to be running rapid in education and leadership in general. I’m not judging anyone but this type of thought process has no place in servant leadership! I have met so many wonderful educators who give of themselves and aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and be vulnerable. I love that! You can’t be a servant leader and an I person at the same time!

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.

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