Sending the wrong message!

Do you start countdowns in your classroom or school for the end of the year or Christmas break? I know that’s a common practice. However, what type of message does that send? I know we all need breaks and there is certainly nothing wrong with looking forward to weekends, Christmas, and summer break. That’s very natural and that time is needed to get reenergized.

What message are we sending though? What does that say to our students and even our community? Perhaps it tells our students that I can’t wait till you’re gone? While I would certainly hope this is not the intent of any educator, we must remember how fragile the teenage mind, psyche, and ego can be. Consider those students where school is by far their must stable and safe environment. They get two meals and people that hopefully are encouraging and nurturing all throughout the school day. If they aren’t receiving that then there is certainly something amiss!

Kids are our most valuable commodity and resource. More than ever kids need the love and support of not only their teachers but all school personnel. So, as you start a countdown on your board for everyone to see think about how it might be affecting those kids who in their world you are the brightest spot of their day!

We all became educators because we wanted to help kids. At least I sure hope we did. If that indeed is the reason we are all here then why would we start a countdown to get away from them? A legitimate question indeed! It is definitely food for thought.

I’ll leave you with two quotes, one from the great Todd Whitaker and the other from the movie A League Of Their Own.

“The good thing is teaching matters, the hard thing is it matters every day.” Todd Whitaker

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it was easy everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great!”

Jimmy Dugan, A League of Their Own

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